Canyon Energy Services LLC.

Canyon Energy Services, LLC currently provides the following services in western Colorado, Utah, northwestern New Mexico and Wyoming.


HSE Consultants

Industry experienced and educated HSE consultants to oversee all your project needs

Lease Operators/Production Operator/Pumper

We simplify production reporting; saving time and money while increasing accuracy and details. Our weather proof tablets include an App with all the information you need and we can customize the program to suit your needs as well as sync multiple devices for relief pumpers

Facility Construction Supervision/Management/Inspections

From Texas to North Dakota and all points in between, our consultants have worked for both public and private E & P companies providing complete supervision of your facility construction projects


Pressure Washing

Gooseneck trailer units, hot water, degreaser, (4 Wands/Trailer), rigs, tanks, equipment, trucks, and all facility assets

Hot Shot Services

3500 & 5500 series 4WD trucks and gooseneck trailers

Roustabout Crews

Our experienced crews can perform a wide variety of facility site tasks including, but not limited to site remediation, erosion control, planting/seeding, general site cleanup and maintenance

Tracked Skid Steer Services

Buckets, augers, pipe forks, compactors, trenchers, breakers, snow blower

Beam Gas Compression System Installation

Relieve back pressure on low producing oil wells, increase daily oil production and move production gas into sales lines and meet new EPA air quality guide lines. No added noise or emissions and is operated by existing pump jack motor and movement. We are an authorized installer for the Beam Gas Compressor system. Please see www.beamgascompressor.com for additional information

Documentation and “As Built” Site Information:

No matter what services you request, we provide task specific detailed documentation of inspections, observations, installation information, drawings, onsite photos and technical data you need.


Our work is carefully coordinated as a team member of your field operations and engineering. We understand the importance of deadlines, quality products, professional workmanship, efficiency and what it means to be a service company! It is our goal to provide you the services you expect in a safe, timely, socially and environmentally responsible manner.